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13 August 2009 @ 08:47 pm
School started, part 2  


My gymnasium started today. I was sooooo nervous, even though I'm on 2nd year.. ;_____; But it turned out well, I suppose...
And I noticed I had bought one wrong book.. And seems like I have to buy one more.. |D

BUT today I learned a BIG difference between my real school and that place I'm right now... WE SPEAK SO DAMN DIFFENRENTLY! The girls especially. I mean GOSH!! All they do is talk about clothes they bought from Germany this summer, with annoying accent and pointing their pinkies in the air.. In short, all they do is talk absolute nonsense.. And they wear the latest fashion and thick make-up.

I hate being too different.. It's annoying to stand out too much. In this case, I do. Because I'm not slim and beautiful and wear The latest fashion. I always try to tell myself that I'm ahead on fashion |D

But that all for today..  Ja nyt vituttaa.. Alko suututtaa ku aloin kirjottaa :''D
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